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Quickly analyze data in Statwing

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Simply upload your spreadsheet or dataset, then select the relationships you want to explore.

Statwing was built by and for analysts, so you can clean data, explore relationships, and create charts in minutes instead of hours.

There is no faster or more delightful way to work with data, even if you're already an expert with spreadsheets (like most of our customers).

Statwing vs. Spreadsheets

Statwing is designed solely for analyzing tables of data, so users finish days of analysis in minutes.

Asking a simple question of your data in a spreadsheet takes minutes of shuffling data, creating charts and pivot tables, and writing formulas.

And if you've got too much data, spreadsheets grind to a halt.

If you're analyzing data in a spreadsheet and writing anything more than =AVERAGE(), you'll work much faster in Statwing.

Watch a video comparing Statwing to Excel to learn more.

Statwing vs. Statistical Software

Statwing is built for analysts, so it chooses statistical tests automatically.

Traditional statistical software was built decades ago for statisticians, so it requires technical expertise to ask even simple questions.

And unlike traditional software, Statwing accounts for data issues like outliers, so you can always be confident in your analyses.

Statwing also translates results into plain English, so analysts unfamiliar with statistical analysis can still get its benefits.

The statistically inclined can dive into clean, interactive output of p-values, effect sizes, confidence intervals, and more.

Watch a video comparing Statwing to SPSS to learn more.

Instant Visualization

Statwing automatically visualizes every analysis, and enables easy export for PowerPoint

In spreadsheets and statistical software, creating even simple charts takes too much time and effort.

Statwing understands your data's structure, so it automatically creates histograms, scatterplots, heatmaps, and bar charts that you can easily export to Excel or PowerPoint.

Statwing in the press


“Statwing makes it easier to do what used to require someone with deep technical knowledge about statistics.”

The Next Web

“We’re not all statisticians, but now you can do sound analysis without the complexity of learning SPSS or STATA.”


“I welcome a tool that produces readily interpretable results.”

Financial Post

“Statwing lets you quickly and easily analyze data to explore statistical relationships in seconds.”


"Statwing delivers. It’s an incredibly simple user interface that belies the sophistication of the models powering it."


“...an appealing resource for professionals who want to try taking their data skills up a notch.”

Use cases


Understand the results of your survey in minutes instead of hours

Results from a survey of 10,000 software developers

Academic Research

Statwing automatically detects outliers or other data issues, so you're always using the right statistical test

Psychological Survey Results

Quantified Self

Statistically analyze your quantified self data to understand patterns and relationships in your life

One man's quantified self dataset

Marketing Analysis

Ask deep questions about your users, your efforts, and your results

DonorsChoose's 100MB database of projects and their results


Statwing analyses and visualizations have been used in Guardian and Motley Fool articles

Congressional lobbying and the SOPA/PIPA bill


Statwing's interface lets you concentrate on the data, not the tool

Titanic Passenger List


Used Statwing a lot for data-driven journalism projects of late. Can't recommend highly enough to fellow data journalists needing quick statistical analysis.

Another example of market research disruption from outside of the industry. Statwing: intuitive data analysis & social sharing.

Statwing: Pretty awesomely simple tool for analysing and finding patterns in spreadsheet data.

Statwing is awesome. No, wait, Statwing is AWESOME.

Playing around with @statwing to analyze marketing campaign data. Very cool tool.